Life is creation. Human beings are part of the creation. Animals, plants, rocks, oceans, planets, stars, black holes are part of the creation. Creator is not hidden in the sky, in the heaven or hell. Creator is in creation, creation is the creator. All is one. So what is the aim for creation? No purpose at all, only joy and bliss. Why to worry about meaningless and aimless life then? Why to choose a survival life?

Society lives in a deep sleep with many illusions, stories, complaints, judgments and agreements. There is no space for creativity. There is need for productivity due to consumption. There is need for consumption to avoid fears, pains, responsibility. There is need for TV shows to numb the society. There is no need for creativity, it doesn’t bring any productivity in short term. Well, is so kind of life worthy to live?

Many of us numb themselves by pleasure, senses, chemicals, addictions and activities. Is there any life worth to live for? Is there any life to stand for rather than having a life just to survive? What is need for having family, having job, having house? What is the intention behind them? To build safety around us or to create an inspiring life around us?

Lots of us are playing the victim. Others are guilty, others rejected us, others abandoned us, others misunderstood us, others didn’t love us. What about ourselves then? Why we don’t take responsibility to create a life with understanding, love, connection, intimacy and creativity? We are creators and we choose either to create a miserable life or a blissful life.

Now please ask yourself who is responsible for how you feel about your life?

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