First Stage is the stage of gathering information. You go to seminars, workshops and gather information, you read books and gather information, you experience new things and gather information. Whatever you do is to collect experience and to gather information. You feel your mind is blowed by information you gathered. You are seeking more info after info. You are analyzing all experiences you have, you are making a meaning about all and wanna understand life. This is where personal journey starts. After I start reading Osho in 2009, I left all belief systems I has behind me and sailed to an unknown place. Then I came to a peak of consciousness while sitting under a tree and watching river in 2014 in Prague. For first time my mind stopped and I got Satori moment after I read my diaries and realized how stupid I was by repeating same vicious circle all time. After reaching peak point growth stopped and stagnation started. Because of not discerning the next stage, I started to have regression in the end of 2015 for several months.

Second stage is the stage of action. This is a stage with full of action, creating new possibilities, having breakthroughs, reconnecting with people in your life, being unstoppable and enriching life. After you gathered all information, you realize information doesn’t help you anymore and you see information is just crap. You became very analytical by being in first stage and missed life. You were in past and present but rarely present. This is the stage where skydiving happens and you jump into danger. You feel quite alive as you haven’t felt before. Your body is very alive, your mind is very alert and you feel full of joy for first time. You start to create a life you love and feel inspired. I jumped into this stage after Landmark Forum and being reconnected to family, relatives and friends on authentic, inspiring way with full of freedom and intimacy. My past remained in the past and changed the name on this stage. After having many actions and causing breakthroughs, I realized I don’t feel fully satisfied. There is always something more to do and what I do is not enough. Here I stagnated for a while and discerned a life changing phenomena. Rejected inner child.

Third stage is the stage of acknowledgement and appreciation. This is the stage of acceptance of inner child. This is the stage of Primal Therapy. I got into this stage very recently thanks to my housemate a life changing person. Talking to inner child, acknowledgement of him, acceptance of his emotions, feelings, opinions and desires, hugging him rather than rejecting him are ways to walk on this stage.

Now I announce a new education for everyone where you will get all these stages. This is not a quick fix, shortcut or a weekend workshop. This will be an education for years you step into your inner being. This is Life Academy. Today I build the foundation of Life Academy with those three stages. I am very dedicated and committed to your personal transformation. In this journey our paths may differ but we are walking together.

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