” Is there any life after death? ” asked the disciple. ”

“Ask the right question” replied the master. ” The right question is there any life after birth? ”

Unless you discover the creativity within you, you identify yourselves with bodies, thoughts, emotions which are temporary and constantly changing.

Unconsciously or consciously you are the creator of your life. All misery, sickness, sadness, depression, broken family, financial insecurity, melancholy, loneliness are created by you. Unless you take the responsibility about these consequences, you will feel as a victim of circumstances.

As Atman Life Academy we believe in creativity within you. Therefore, we designed an education to remove all wrong identifications from your life to let you discover creativity within you. It is already there but you are bothered by your past at the moment.

We are committed to bring light into dark tunnels you are lost. In our education you will transform your mindset, experience what is being, shift from mind to heart, removal of delusions & complaints & fears.

You will experience the transformation from a fear-based life into a creativity-based life.

We combine spiritual, personal growth and creativity tools in our education.

It took 10 years to design our education. Now it is your turn to enrol yourself as our student. Life rewards action. To create your life in your terms, this is only one click away!


Atman has profound life experience to share with you. Here is a brief history of his life. Atman was acclaimed as an extraordinary student among his peers by his teachers. However, some teachers assumed that he had a talent for science and none for creativity. Although Atman was seen as a genius, he always felt dissatisfied. He started seeking his truthwhen he was 15, and found he had a passion for creative writing. He wrote some stories, poems and scriptswhich have yet to be published. At the same time, he started to act inlocal short movies. He enjoyed writing and acting, but he had still not shaken the old conditioning inside himself that he didn’t have enough talent for creativity. Therefore, he moved to Germany to study Engineering. After he started studying Engineering in Germany, he started to experience anxiety which later also caused insomnia and depression. In 2009, just as he was feeling lost and helpless after trying many different approaches towards life, he came across a life-changing book. He started to question who he was and why he was here. That same year, he experienced a turning point after a severe accident he had. He started opening to spirituality and personal growth back in 2009, which he now callshis Rebirth. That same year he started to learn percussion. As he continued his journey in spirituality, personal growth, percussion and creativity, he came across many different techniques, teachers, and profound experiences that transformed his life. 2016 was another turning point for Atman. He attended meditation retreats that brought him profound shifts in awareness. He also attended various personal growth workshops and seminars that transformed his way of thinking and attitude towards life. After he had completed many spiritual workshops and personal growth seminars, he received a very clear message to create Atman Life Academy. He has transformed his own life from survival values to creative and meaningful values. As he succeeded indiscovering creativity within himself at the end of the tunnel, he is now committed to helping everyone discover creativity within. Throughout this journey you will be guided by Atman. He is ready to help you as a facilitator of Creativity Within Workshops, as a professional percussionist to develop your rhythmic skills and as a life coach to transform your survival world to a creative world. Atman has education in Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Communication, Spirituality, Shamanism, Reiki, Percussion and Acting. This education can be yours! Claim your education right here, right now!
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