Life has whispered me subtle messages for many years. But my mind was very busy to hear this message.

I was lost, desperately seeking truth. As I was in the bottom of dark pit, life whispered me rhythms. This time I heard the message and started to follow the rhythm. The path was long, curved and complex. Sometimes I lost to hear whispering of rhythm with my self-doubts. I continued to walk with blind eyes but with open heart. Intuition led me to different experiences, different challenges, different transformations. In the end I found myself in the beginning of journey as life whispered me rhythmic journey as my spiritual path. Now I chose to surrender to life and floating into rhythm.

Intuition leads me to surrender vibes of universe by interpreting them with my fingers. This is the path of rhythm, path of silence and beats, both. If you are already on my page, you welcome to accompany me on this journey. 🙏

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